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White Pine Film Premiere at Cinestudio

   Announcing the film premiere of "Eastern White Pine: the Tree Rooted in American History".

Old Growth Forest Event, Simsbury, CT

   Belden Forest in Simsbury, CT, is inducted into the Old-Growth Forest Network.

The Adirondacks on a Higher Level

   Bob Leverett recounts a recent visit to the high country of New York's Adirondacks.

New film- "Eastern White Pine: The Tree Rooted in American History"

   Documentary about the significant role of the Eastern White Pine tree in the founding and history of America, its importance to wildlife and people, and current status.

New film- "The Ecology of Coevolved Species"

   Ecologist Tom Wessels teaches us principles governing the coevolution of plant and animal species, and the effects on their ecological roles.

Upcoming Screenings of "Lost Forests of New England" screening

   Announcing more local screenings of our "The Lost Forests of New England" film.

"Lost Forests of New England" screening

   Announcing a local screening of our "The Lost Forests of New England" film.

New Film: My Forest Has Worms

   Non-native, invasive European and Asian earthworms are seriously damaging forests in northern U.S. states.

A Call for Old Growth Forests

   Do we want to cut our forests to burn wood for energy? Or should we leave them unmanaged to become old growth once again?

Lost Forests of New England film screenings

   Upcoming public screenings of our "Lost Forests of New England" film.

New Film: Tom Wessels- Reading the Forested Landscape

   A 3-part film series featuring ecologist Tom Wessels which complements his books "Reading the Forested Landscape" and "Forest Forensics".

Harvard Forest to Screen Old Growth Forest Film

   Our "Lost Forests of New England" film to be shown publicly at Fisher Museum.

The White Pine Weevil- a New Film

   The life cycle of the white pine weevil, and its relationship with the white pine.

Return of the Great White Pines

   An essay by Bob Leverett on the eastern white pine.


New Film: The Lost Forests of New England

  A documentary of New England's old growth forests past and present.


New England's Tallest Tree

  Re-measuring the tallest living thing in New England.


Mt Tom Microburst Recovery   

 Three years after a microburst hit Mt Tom, the forest is recovering.


Waterfalls of Western Mass

   The beauty of waterfalls in old growth forests of Western Massachusetts. 


A Southern Appalachian Journey

   Bob Leverett tells the tale of a Blue Ridge trek.


New England's Champion Hemlock Tree 

   Revisiting the champion hemlock tree of New England.  

Spring Trees Glowing in New England

   Early spring trees put on a show of colors.


The Icing on the Trees 

   A crystal ice spectacle of winter ice on the mountainside trees.


Old Growth Forest for a New Year

   Longing for ancient green forests in mid-winter.


Finding the New Massachusetts Champion Yellow Birch Tree

   The exploration of an old growth forest leads to the discovery of a new state
   champion yellow birch tree for Massachusetts.


An Exceptional New England White Pine

   An essay about the Saheda Pine, by Bob Leverett.

Global Worming

   Describes the damage that earthworms, of all things,
   are doing to our eastern forests.


Mt Tom Wild,  a New Nature Video

   Introduction to a New England Forests video about the wildlife to be
   found on the Mt Tom Range of Western Massachusetts.

Birch, Sweet Birch: New England's Forest Birches

   The story of New England's special birch trees.


The Broad Brook Forest

  An essay by Bob Leverett describing a western Massachusetts forest.

The Thoreau Pine 

   A visit to the grand white pine in Monroe State Forest, MA.

Peregrine Falcons of the Mt Tom Range

    The story of peregrines nesting on Mt Tom, western Mass.


 It's All Red, Gloria

    One of summer's favorite colors

Ambush in the Goldenrods

    What's lurking in those yellow flowers?

Massachusetts Old Growth

   A look at New England old growth forest characteristics.

The Unknown Squirrel

   The squirrels many people may not know.

The Spring Awakening

   Spring comes to a western Mass forest.


   The first post of this blog.