Saturday, September 7, 2019

New Film: Eastern White Pine- The Tree Rooted in American History

Four hundred years ago, the first English colonies were established in what would be known as New England, and Virginia. What prompted this to occur? The answer may not be quite what you've always thought. Here are some more questions to contemplate...

  • Why did the King send people three thousand miles from home to settle on this continent? Did things go according to his plan? 
  • What role did the eastern white pine tree (Pinus strobus) play in the venture?

Eastern White Pines

  • What is Riga fir?
  • Why are some New England village commons triangular?
  • What were the "King's Pines" about?

  • What did one of the first colonial flags look like?
  • What led to the American Revolution?
  • What was the "Long Island Express"?
  • What is the tallest living thing in the northeast?
  • How does walking in a white pine forest personally benefit you?

These questions and more will be answered in our new documentary film, "Eastern White Pine - The Tree Rooted in American History". More than two years in the making, it uses archival images, new footage, and aerial views to tell the 4-century story of the eastern white pine's significant contribution to America's founding and history. The white pine's importance to wildlife and people is related by famed bear biologist Lynn Rogers of Minnesota, Trinity College neuroscientist Susan Masino, and nationally known old-growth forest expert Bob Leverett.

The film is currently being scheduled for local screenings in central/southern New England, and will be published later for all to see on our New England Forests Youtube channel. A short trailer can be seen now on the channel (click here), or in the player window below (may not be available in email feeds).

We hope to see you at one of the local screenings!

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