Friday, January 15, 2016

The Broad Brook Forest

What follows is an essay by Bob Leverett on a relatively small tract of forest that is literally in his back yard, in western Massachusetts. The text and photos were supplied by Bob.  Enjoy!

The Mature Forests and Exceptional Trees of Upper Broad Brook

An essay by Robert T. Leverett

Cofounder and Executive Director of the Native Tree Society
Cofounder of the National Cadre of American Forests
 Cofounder and President, Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest

The Laurie Sanders White Pine on Broad Brook, Northampton MA
The Laurie Sanders Pine
Upper Broad Brook, Northampton, MA


There is an attractive little stream that runs for about 5 miles, starting and ending in Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Its name is Broad Brook. It is not broad, and few people, other than local citizens, know of its existence. But Broad Brook has a story to tell. First, it is the primary stream source of Northampton’s popular 800-acre Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area, and secondly, it harbors a valuable mature forest on its upper stretches, the focus of this article.