About This Blog

New England Forests (neforests.com) is a blog about my experiences and interests in the varied woodlands of the northeast corner of the United States. This region, particularly western Massachusetts where I live, is the transition zone between the southern oak-hickory forest and the northern hardwood forest types. It therefore has features of both woodland realms, providing a rich forest environment.

Even in Massachusetts, which many people think of as densely populated (and it is, to the east), there is a large percentage of forest land (approx 62%), making it the eighth most forested state in the country!

Having enjoyed our forests all of my life, I spend a good deal of my retired time exploring, photographing, and appreciating them. There are even remnant patches of old growth forest in Massachusetts.

I'm now in the process of producing various films related to forests and wildlife, and would like to share that material with those, like you, who would appreciate seeing it. Watch them on the New England Forests Youtube channel.

I welcome your participation and comments.