Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Beaver Film Part 2 in Hartford

The Really Wild Wednesdays: Eager Ecological Engineers program continues on June 8 with the showing of "Beaver Pond Wildlife Part 2 - Late Spring" at Real Art Ways theater in Hartford, CT, at 7pm.



The 5-part film series documents some of the multitude of species typically found in, on, and around New England (and other northeastern) beaver pond environments, season by season. 

Part 2 covers late spring, a bustling time at typical beaver ponds. Bird activity is high, with nesting season well under way. Insects are the go-for food item birds rely on now to provide the protein they need to reproduce. 

Grackle with dragonflies


Water snakes, mating





Frogs, toads, turtles, and snakes are mating and producing offspring as well.

Beavers are patching up dams, and their two-year-old youngsters are leaving the pond to establish their own new homes.

Ducks, herons, muskrats, ospreys, dragonflies, and more ... they're all going about the business of life, making spring itself come alive with hectic activity.

Osprey, over nest

A Q&A session will follow the film. Admission is free, but seating in the gallery is limited to about 50. Registration is advised. For more information, visit the Real Art Ways website

Parts 3 through 5 progress chronologically through early summer to winter, and are scheduled for July 13, September 28, and November 30, respectively.