Sunday, April 17, 2022

Beaver Pond Wildlife film in Hartford

Few wildlife species are more intriguing, or have a greater ability to alter and create habitat than that iconic keystone species, the beaver. This unassuming mammal goes about its daily life setting up and maintaining its homestead, all the while creating aquatic and terrestrial conditions that so many other creatures rely on.

Real Art Ways theater in Hartford, CT, will host "Really Wild Wednesdays: Eager Ecological Engineers". These events will feature our 5-part "Beaver Pond Wildlife" film series beginning on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, when Part 1 will be screened at 7pm. A Q&A session will follow the film.

The films document some of the multitude of species typically found in, on, and around New England (and other northeastern) beaver pond environments, season by season. 

Part 1 covers early spring, with parts 2 through 5 progressing chronologically through late spring to winter. Each part is approximately one hour in length. Parts 2 to 5 are scheduled for June 8, July 13, September 28, and November 30, respectively. 

Admission is free, but seating in the gallery setting is limited to about 50. Registration is advised. For more information, visit the "Events" section of the Real Art Ways website

There will also be a film at 5pm, "Olmsted and America's Urban Parks".