Saturday, September 2, 2023

"Beaver Pond Wildlife" film at Simsbury, CT

The Simsbury Grange hall in West Simsbury, CT, is the place to be on Thursday evening, September 14, 2023. We'll be screening Beaver Pond Wildlife Part 4: Mid-Summer to Fall. This event is the fourth in a 5-part series of films showcasing the great array of wild animal and plant life found at New England's many beaver ponds. 

The films are scheduled to coincide with what you can expect to see at northeastern beaver ponds at that time of the year. Each contains at least a few scenes that probably most people have never witnessed in the wild.


Fledgling Osprey


In Part 4, osprey chicks are now fledging and taking their first flights around (and into) the pond. 

A flooding stream is trouble for the beaver family. 

A black bear discovers the beaver lodge.

Newly fledged kingfishers learn hunting skills.

And young red-shouldered hawks have left their nest and are on their first hunts.

We'll see why jewelweed is also called "touch-me-not", and how hummingbirds pollinate cardinal flowers.

Did you know North America's only strictly carnivorous butterfly is found here?

Painted and snapping turtle eggs are now hatching underground, and the tiny hatchlings struggle to emerge from their nests.

Beavers groom each other, and build their food supply for the coming winter.

And much, much more!

Find out what this creature is
Hatchling snapping turtle leaves nest




There will be a Q&A session with filmmaker Ray Asselin following each film.

Part 5 will cover fall into winter, and is scheduled for November 19. 

The events will be held at the Simsbury Grange hall, 236 Farms Village Rd, W. Simsbury, CT.  Doors open at 6:00 for socializing and snacks, and the film begins at 7. 

Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.

Pre-register at the Simsbury Library website.






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