Sunday, September 18, 2022

Beaver Pond Wildlife Part 4 in Hartford



On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, the fourth segment of the Really Wild Wednesdays: Eager Ecological Engineers program will take place, when "Beaver Pond Wildlife: Part 4 - Mid Summer to Fall" will be screened at Real Art Ways theater in Hartford, CT, at 7pm. 

The 5-part film series chronicles wild animal and plant life above and below water at typical northeast beaver ponds over a year's time span. 


In Part 4, great blue heron nestlings are growing quickly. Fledgling red-shouldered hawks take their first flights, and practice flying around the pond. We'll see how a flood and a bear affect the beavers. There's a new family of belted kingfishers honing their skills. 

We'll also see: 

-how bees and hummingbirds uniquely interact with various flowers;

-North America's only carnivorous butterfly;

-newly hatched painted and snapping turtles emerging from underground nests;

-how aquatic bladderwort plants capture food;

-beavers preparing for the coming winter;

-tiny slug eggs hatching;

-otters; mink; weevils; snakes; leeches; various birds;

-stunning aerial views of New England's signature autumn foliage;

-and lots more!


As always, there will be a Q&A session following the film.

Thank you to Professor Susan A. Masino of Trinity College for organizing this series, which is part of the Frederick Law Olmsted 200th birthday celebration.


More info at the Real Art Ways "Events" page. Registration is strongly advised, as seating is limited.

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