Friday, January 17, 2020

Eastern White Pine Film Now Available

We're pleased to announce that our newest documentary film, Eastern White Pine- The Tree Rooted in American History, is now available for viewing on our Youtube channel.

The one-hour documentary uses archival and new footage, and aerial views to tell the story of the eastern white pine: what pre-settlement pines looked like in the primeval forest; the central role white pines played in America's founding and history; and the pine's current status and ecological significance. You may be surprised to learn how prominent a role the tree played in this country's formation.

Further, the white pine's importance to wildlife and people is related by three experts in their respective fields: famed Minnesota wildlife biologist Lynn Rogers; Trinity College neuroscientist Professor Susan Masino; and nationally known old-growth forest expert Bob Leverett.

Local screenings have been held in Massachusetts and Connecticut; if your organization would like to schedule a showing of the film (followed by a Q&A session) in the central New England area, contact us (see Contact page).

Bob Leverett, Among White Pines


You can view the film on our Youtube channel, or in the player window below.



  1. The story of the eastern white pine does not begin with colonization. This tree has/d a very significant place within Indigenous communities throughout New England. Watching this film was extremely disappointing because of the colonial lens.

  2. This film explores the role that the eastern white pine played in the founding of this country, as a way of inspiring awareness and appreciation for this majestic species. There was no intention, or even any thought about, ignoring the importance of the tree to Native people. No documentary can completely cover every possible aspect of a story in an hour’s time. I’m sure there are any number of other groups who utilize and/or revere the white pine who might feel we slighted them by omission; that is regrettable, but unintended and unavoidable.


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