Monday, March 21, 2022

Celebrating Old-Growth Forests in Connecticut


Old Growth Forest

There's a lot of interest in eastern old growth forests, as evidenced by the fact that our Lost Forests of New England film is approaching the one-million-views milestone. An upcoming event will focus on old New England forests.

"Celebrating Old-Growth Forests in Connecticut" will take place On April 9, 2022. Dr. Joan Maloof, founder of the Old Growth Forest Network, will be leading a forest walk in Hartford, CT. That begins at 10am at the Keney Park Wood Materials Management Site (392 Tower Ave). 

Dr Maloof will point out features of the Keney Park forest, and talk about her organization's goal of having at least one forest set aside in every county of the U.S. (ie, those where forest can grow) to grow naturally, without logging, and to be open to the public. Forests inducted into the Old Growth Forest Network do not  have to currently be old-growth; the idea is to allow them to eventually develop into old-growth condition again.

Following the walk, there will be a lunch at noon, and book signing by Dr. Maloof at Real Art Ways

At 1:15, The Lost Forests of New England will be screened in the Real Art Ways theater. This one-hour documentary-style film tells the story of what our regional ancient forests once looked like, and what their current status is. Several prominent scientists and old-growth experts describe the importance and characteristics of primitive forests.

There will be a short Q&A panel session with Dr. Maloof; Jack Ruddat (a WPI student who has researched and identified Connecticut old growth sites); Dr Susan Masino of Trinity College; and others.


The entire day's activities are free. More information is available at the Real Art Ways website.

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